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About RedFox AI

Learn about the story and the people that inspire our mission.

Transforming the home healthcare experience, one step at a time

We understand the pressures felt by home health test patients and providers.
The Redfox ai story

After being diagnosed with childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at the age of eight, Nick Myers experienced firsthand the struggle of getting accurate and reliable healthcare information when completing home health tests for chemotherapy treatment.

Many years later, after using Amazon Alexa for the first time, it occurred to him that the best way to solve this problem was to build a Conversational AI-powered voice assistant (like Alexa) that could learn paper instructions and troubleshooting steps to help patients at the Point-of-Care when they need it the most. As a result, RedFox AI was born to help solve this problem for the millions of patients who struggle with home health tests.

That's why we built a human-centric, Conversational AI that can learn the instruction process so well that it can both guide and troubleshoot the test in real-time.

Our Mission

RedFox AI’s mission is to create human-centric, Conversational AI-powered products that transform the way providers engage patients, gather user data, and log tests for validation and compliance.

Our Values

• We transform. • We lead with empathy. • We build human-centric technology. • We innovate.

Meet Our Co-Founders

Nick Myers

Co-Founder + CEO

Brett Brooks

Co-Founder + CTO

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