Improve the way patients access the information they need when they need it.

RedFox AI helps Biotech and Life Sciences organizations embrace the innovative power of Conversational AI to dramatically improve the patient experience for at-home diagnostic testing.

Meet V Lab

The RedFox AI V Lab platform is the solution to making information about your at-home diagnostic test accessible to patients when they need it the most.
Powered by industry-leading Conversational AI, V Lab is the only intelligent digital assistant designed for at-home medical device and diagnostic testing providers and patients.
However, don’t just take our word for it. Say hi, introduce yourself, and we’ll let V Lab do the talking from here.

Increase patient satisfaction

Give patients the opportunity to access the information they need when they need it. No paper instructions, videos, or customer service agents needed.

Reduce errors and increase test accuracy

Ensure patients are using your diagnostic test or medical device like you intended. V Lab is your patient's intelligent clinician available 24/7.

Improve resource utilization

Reduce costs and eliminate uncessary manpower by automating your customer service and increasing your test completion and return rates.

Who we are

At passionate team at the intersection of technology and home healthcare

We are team of technologists, strategists, developers, designers, and innovators who all share one goal: to enhance the patient journey and improve access to information for at-home diagnostic testing.
What we do

Conversational AI for the world's leading at-home diagnostic tests and medical devices

We are an information company leveraging the power of Conversational AI to help innovative Biotech organizations that want their at-home diagnostic testing efforts to be more frictionless, cost-effective, and successful for patients.

V Lab empowers your patients with the information they need when they need it

V Lab Platform

Core features

Automated Customer Support

Intelligent Guide

Real-Time Feedback + Data Capture

Personalized Notifications + Reminders


V Lab for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

V Lab for the web


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