Be there at the point of care with RedFox Conversational AI

Empower your at-home diagnostic testing with RedFox – the solution that connects manufacturers and providers of home diagnostic tests, devices, and patients, bridging the gap in communication. Experience the benefits of increased test compliance, higher return rates, reduced customer support expenses, and improved STAR and HEDIS ratings, all while alleviating patient stress and anxiety.

There’s a communication gap between you and your patients

As a manufacturer or provider of at-home diagnostics or devices, you know the challenge: patients experience stress and confusion when using your test or device.


This results in:


  • Lower compliance, adherence, and return rates
  • Increased customer support costs
  • Missed revenue opportunities


All because you’re not in the room to help ensure your patient completed or used their home diagnostic as intended.

It's time to close the communication gap - Meet RedFox

Accessible from any smartphone, RedFox is the conversational AI that helps guide your patients through their at-home diagnostic test or home-use medical device in the most accurate and efficient way possible.


Here’s how easy it is to use:


Step 1: Patients receive a notification or SMS link to RedFox before their test kit or device arrives.


Step 2: Patients click on the link, tap on the RedFox badge, and are prompted to scan the barcode on their kit or device packaging.


Step 3: RedFox authenticates the patient and begins verbally facilitating your test Instructions For Use (IFU) from stem to stern ensuring accuracy and compliance.

RedFox Helps By

Increasing Compliance, Adherence, and Test Return

Stay informed with real-time updates as your patients complete your home health test or use your medical device. Trigger seamless conversation flows including test facilitation, troubleshooting, and kit return ensuring an efficient and effective patient experience

Reducing Customer Support Costs & Gathering Key Data Points

Automate your Level I & II customer support channels freeing up your live agents for more important tasks. Maximize your insights with comprehensive patient interaction logging allowing you to keep a record of every patient interaction to identify patterns and trends.

Improving Medicare and payer STAR & HEDIS Ratings

Maximize your CMS STAR & HEDIS ratings with RedFox. Your ratings are crucial for Medicare and health plan patients when it comes to choosing a diagnostic or device.

Our Impact

Improve your patient experience by boosting compliance, adherence, and test return rates while lowering your customer support costs.

5 X
Increase patient compliance and adherence
0 %
*Reduction in customer support costs

*Estimates based on historical averages. Results may vary.

Here's What Sets RedFox Apart

Discover the unique advantages of RedFox and what sets us apart from other Conversational AI-enabled solutions

90-Day Setup & Configuration

Our proprietary AI training system allows us to swiftly digitize and train RedFox using your Instructions For Use (IFU) in as little as 90-days.

“Process Aware” Conversational AI

Unlike traditional chatbots that rely on a limited set of pre-determined responses, RedFox is designed to personalize every interaction with your patients.

White Labeled To Fit Your Brand

Our custom branding options allow you to tailor the RedFox experience to match your unique brand identity, ensuring seamless and professional integration into your existing ecosystem.

No Electronic Health Record (EHR) Integration Required

RedFox is designed to operate without collecting PHI unless absolutely necessary, eliminating the need for integration with your electronic health record system.

Voice Activated. Hands-Free.

Patients enjoy a seamless and effortless experience with RedFox’s voice-activated Conversational AI. RedFox allows for hands-free use, simply by having your smartphone within speaking distance.

HIPAA Compliant.

Our commitment to compliance means that we adhere to the strictest industry standards and regulations for the collection and handling of protected health information (PHI).

Ready to get started?

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