Real-time patient engagement for at-home diagnostic testing

RedFox AI helps Biotech and Life Sciences organizations embrace the innovative power of Conversational AI to dramatically improve the patient experience for at-home diagnostic testing.

The problem...

It’s a reality for Biotech and Life Sciences companies that send at-home diagnostic tests to patients.
            “Oh…yeah…I think I got that three months ago.”
Most tests are either not memorable enough to incite action…or not easy enough to facilitate completion.
The result?
Lower completion rates, longer call center queues, and worse…patients that believe your company stands in the way of their own well-being.
So, what can you do?
Update your IVR? That just aggravates your patients.
Hire more call center agents? Didn’t you want to reduce costs?
How about your own custom virtual assistant? Got a spare $million and about a year?

Instead, meet V Lab by RedFox AI.

Meet V Lab

V Lab is a new, innovative AI-powered digital assistant that will help your patients be more successful while helping your organization reduce friction and costs across the patient journey.

The result? An innovative patient experience that leads to:

Increased patient satisfaction

Give patients the opportunity to access the information they need when they want it. No paper instructions, videos or customer service agents needed!

Reduced errors and increased test accuracy

When it comes to at-home diagnostic tests, it's important that your patients are using the product as intended. V Lab can be accessed for 24/7 support and will help make sure they're doing things right.

Improved resource utilization

Reduce costs and eliminate unnecessary work by automating your customer service and increasing your test completion rates.

Who we are

At passionate team at the intersection of technology and home healthcare

We are a group of technologists, strategists, designers and innovators who have come together to make the at-home diagnostic testing experience easier for patients.
What we do

Conversational AI for the world's leading at-home diagnostic tests

Our mission is to enhance the patient journey by improving access to information for all patients while decreasing costs, through cutting-edge technology, that makes it easier than ever before.

V Lab is an all-in-one digital assistant that empowers your patients with the information they need when they need it

V Lab for the web

Web meet V Lab. V Lab meet the web.

V Lab can be configured to integrate with your existing website making it easy for patients to get the information they need when and where they want using a digital assistant they can trust.
V Lab for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

“Alexa, ask V Lab to help me complete my test.”

V Lab’s engineers and developers are always looking to make the most of new technologies. They don’t just want to help patients get the information they need when they need it, they’re also interested in making sure patients can get information on their own terms — by using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant devices enabled with voice assistant functionality.

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