V Lab Product Page

Meet V Lab. The Conversational AI-powered digital assistant designed for home healthcare.

Why V Lab?

Core Features

Automate Your Customer Support

V Lab is the first AI-powered digital assistant designed specifically to support at-home diagnostic testing providers and can understand complex questions and answer them instantly. V Lab monitors what patients are asking in real-time, so you’re prepared for whatever comes up next.

Simplify Test Instructions

V Lab is the intelligent guide of your at-home diagnostic test that helps ensure patients complete their test accurately every single time. With V Lab, you can increase completion rates while building trust and empowering patients with their health care decisions.

Collect + Analyze Valuable Patient Data and Insights

You can’t improve the quality of your test without analyzing data. V Lab can collect, track, and analyze valuable information from patients across their journey to achieve continuous improvement in your testing products for optimal results.

Authenticate Your Patients

One major problem with at-home medical tests is not knowing when patients start and finish their test. V Lab solves this issue by using a unique ID for each patient tracked over time so you never have questions about whether they completed all of the test requirements.

Increase Test Return Rates

Are 100% of your patients returning their test on time? If you answered no then that’s a problem. Using automated email and SMS reminders V Lab automatically reminds patients to return their test after completion. Increase your test return rate, improve patient outcomes, and make your CEO the happiest they have ever been.