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What if you could oversee every home test for accuracy and compliance?

Be there at the Point-of-Care with RedFox Conversational AI

We train the intelligent RedFox Digital Guide to be "process aware" of your home test instructions

Launched via QR code, the human-centric, multilingual AI talks patients through each instruction step…including all troubleshooting. 

While patients benefit from clear, hands-free instruction, providers can log and timestamp every test at each step to ensure compliance, gather engagement data, and verify that patients accurately followed their test process.

Meet RedFox

The RedFox Digital Guide – accessible from any smartphone – learns your testing process so well, including all troubleshooting, that it can walk patients through their home health test kit in the most accurate and efficient way possible.

With The RedFox Digital Guide You Can:

Ensure Compliance

Know in real-time when patients start and finish their home health test. Providers can initiate various workflows such as patient support, kit return, and Test-to-Treat diagnosis.

Gather Engagement Data

Since every patient interaction is logged from beginning to end, providers can now spot trends, e.g., common troubleshooting steps.

Record For Validation

By measuring the total lifecycle time and average length between steps, providers can now empirically show that patients followed their process.

Who we are

A passionate team at the intersection of technology and home healthcare

We are a group of technologists, strategists, designers and innovators who have come together to transform the home health testing experience.
RedFox for the web

Web, meet RedFox.
RedFox, meet the web.

The RedFox Digital Guide can be configured to integrate with your existing website making it easy for patients to get the instructions they need from a truly intelligent digital assistant, not just a voice-activated web search.

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