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What if you could guide every customer from unboxing to product registration?

Differentiate yourself from the competition with RedFox Conversational AI

We train the intelligent RedFox Digital Guide to be "process aware" of your product instructions

Launched via QR code, the human-centric, multilingual AI talks your customers through each instruction step…including all troubleshooting.

While your customers benefit from clear, hands-free instruction, you can log and timestamp each product assembly and installation at every step. 

 Gather valuable Customer Experience (CX) data while giving your customers on-the-spot support with Conversational AI.

Meet RedFox

The RedFox Digital Guide – accessible from any smartphone – learns virtually any process relating to your product, from unboxing to assembly/installation to warranty registration.

RedFox for the web

Web, meet RedFox.
RedFox, meet the web.

The RedFox Digital Guide can be configured to integrate with your existing website making it easy for customers to get the instructions they need from a truly intelligent Conversational AI, not just a voice-activated web search.

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